Isidro "Manong Jon" Santos


Hamilton Sulit

Constant Encounter

Jared Yokte

At The Rear There Is Something Contrary

  Constant Encounter   While dwelling on the same themes of suffering and death that pervade his past three shows, Hamilton Sulit uses a simpler palette of black and brown augmented by other new materials in Constant Encounter. The works in … Continue reading


    Jared Yokte picks up right where he left off in At the Rear There Is Something Contrary, an exhibition populated by boneless Chagall-like figures floating and tumbling in space. Stripped of their skin, humans and animals appear as … Continue reading

    Isidro “Manong Jon” Santos: A Taste of Ambrosia by Michael Ian Lomongo   Isidro Santos was born on May 15, the feastday of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers, carabaos, and ricefields in the Philippines. He … Continue reading