“In the fading afternoon light” evokes memories close to my heart “he says.  Brave Singh’s recent solo show is a continuation of his homage to memories.  It tells stories of his childhood, this time, with he and his grandfather as the focal point of each piece.  Growing up with no father figure to look up to, it was his Lolo who tried to fill the void.

“Each day, every afternoon, he would be calling my name, inviting me to go to his own abode, and there we would watch television shows, partake on any afternoon “merienda”, and then he would be cooking for his dinner.”, he narrates as he gazes upon that edifice near the mango tree, with the crepuscular rays of the setting sun showering its fading hues of red and orange rays to the windows of his grandpa’s home.

“In the Fading Afternoon Light”, by itself welled inspiration to Brave and jolted his inner emotions and again made him look back to those precious memories he could remember of his grandfather.

His work “ALONE “tells a somewhat sad, to some haunting, thought.  A bed good for one, juxtaposed against a blank wall, nary a thing indicates how he wanted to live day by day, ALONE. It was a decision made by his grandfather as he wanted to live in his own pace, his own meaning of silence and serenity, his choice of being free from the bondage of the outside world especially during afternoon, sunsets and by night. His grandfather built and created a living space just beside their family home, an old house with amenities in his comfort and convenience, and made that his own sanctuary; it became Brave’s extended playground.

It was through his grandfather, He came to realize that to be alone is to be strong, to be brave. It was instilled to him to stay formidable in solace. His grandfather has unconsciously brought him up and prepared him to be “alone”. At present it came to a point that the time has cross his path and to be alone is one self-realization, not to mention immediate family and relatives migrating in foreign land and the passing away of his mother. True enough, the teachings of his grandfather has serve its purpose and he was indeed prepared…” my grandfather made me of who I am today and that im paying tribute to his greatness in doing so “In The Fading Afternoon Light” .”

One of the art piece of the show is the rendition of an old photo of people indulge in fishing, with fishing paraphernalia’s, as this was the favorite hobby of his grandfather. He has great memories of it with his Lolo as this serves as a getaway thing with friends, relatives. Another is the remnants of old bicycle as a representation of his childhood adventure with his grandfather as he taught him how to ride.

Warm and subdued colors fit so well, and have become a cognizance of Brave’s renditions of his paintings.  It perfectly blends, and gives justice to his attempt of recreating those memories he has of his childhood, along with those of his grandfather. Remnants of his old bike once gifted to him as his grandfather taught to ride, old wooden toys, and fragment from his grandfather’s favorite chair completes the show.  And one cannot help but be awed at how he skillfully brings back to life those mementos,  and become congruous archetype of actual recreations of those memories.

Summing up his exhibit is a 5 piece mixed media interpretation of family picture. The first being a complete silhouette of a family , then frame by frame becoming blurry and is slowly fading up to the last frame just seeing a single shadow representing himself, all alone. These frames represents the story if his life, from his grandfather’s influences to be alone, to be brave, and to be strong… the time has come, and He is uprightly brought up and is dauntlessly prepared…

If “In the Fading Afternoon Light” were a window into Brave’s colorful and happy childhood, we are glad to take gander into it, and we hope will be having some more in the future.






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