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Behind the Veil
By: Jonathan Olazo

“Untitled (Talks)” by artist and writer Cocoy Lumbao thrives in an aspect of video works that makes use of editing techniques to intervene with an image – in order to simulate a “heightened reality,” and offer a http://viagradosage-50mg100mg200mg.com/ subtly political and satirical view viagra for heart on how this very medium has taken our attention.

The state of perception and communication in this day will 5mg of cialis buy viagra with a mastercard work and age is faster, its coverage more encompassing. The convenience of information streaming constantly on the web has brought the world closer than ever – a hypermedia. Echoing the buy viagra online usa prophetic deductions of critical thinker Walter Benjamin, the photographic image can transport its bearer to a far away place – he is at the Louvre when contemplating a reproduction of a Mona Lisa in the palm of his hand. Bridging the gap and acting in between, a photograph set in motion http://freeviagrasample-norx.com/ or a moving image becomes as real as the subject it mimics, and perhaps even better. But what if this mediation was corrupted?

In Lumbao’s “Untitled (Talks),” the main image depicts an drugstore viagra auditorium full of spectators watching a celebrity speaker on stage. These are found images from a popular streaming platform on the internet, online videos that have become part of our daily consciousness. A dominant prop in these images is a pair of huge television screens raised above the stage that continuously flash important data that supplements the talk being conducted by the speaker. But in a subversive stroke, unrelated and, at times, derogatory words, phrases and sentences are inserted – and more so, these stringed, by the wayside commentaries are actually taken from a pool of disgruntled and self-serving remarks from the comments section of the internet. One insert goes: “I love you, you judgmental bastards.”

On a literal take, the whole affair of cialis vs adcirca inserting online comments is about the interaction between our age’s new speaker and audience — one that is conducted within the bounds of virtual space. The source is the screen; the spectators are not inside the auditorium but are behind their own desks. And these spectators, these audiences, have found their voice through the clacks of their keyboards. In a speculative reaction, the whole cialis vs viagra scene portrayed in the video work is about power. In one of its many
manifestations, this one is about the role and persona of an influencer and mover – of having the ability to propagate truths, influence and lead. And in a more hyperbolic reaction, the stage, the platform, the screens – the setup resembles the totemic monument that houses the voice piece of the Wizard, from the stage play we are fond of watching.

With the two TV screens resembling the eyes of the totem of the wizard, the allegorical booming voice seems to give directions to follow the yellow brick road and find the Emerald City. This desire is preeminently innate in everybody – to go behind the veil and find the meaning of life. But once we do, we find that the Wiz is just a symbol and acted out by a guy just like us. As each snide remark is flashed in Lumbao’s TV screens of candor, a speaker in the guise of an anointed one who can fulfill material abundance grows only stronger as the belief of the people around him is parlayed.




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