Gallery 1

There are three galleries present in Blanc’s new location. The first two galleries are of the same size, while the third one is the biggest — it spans the entire length of the floor where the galleries are found.

Up and coming talent from different artists is showcased in these galleries. The new Blanc gallery brings together the past galleries that were located at different points in the Metro, now all conveniently found in one place.


Fusion of Horizons

    Fusion of Horizons (Horizontverschmelzung) “A person who has no horizon is a man who does not see far enough and hence overvalues what is nearest to him.” – Hans Georg Gadamer Marc Arcamo offers us an exuberant yet … Continue reading


In The Fading Afternoon Light

      “In the fading afternoon light” evokes memories close to my heart “he says.  Brave Singh’s recent solo show is a continuation of his homage to memories.  It tells stories of his childhood, this time, with he and … Continue reading


Hinggil Sa Mukha Ng Kasalukuyan



Waste a While




  Sage Icons of one’s childhood find their way into canvases in this exhibition, the characters brought to life by the make-believe world of cartoons and animations. The references can instantly be recognized by anyone who grew up with and … Continue reading

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